My Life Legacy… “Live a Life of Love”…

                                                                                      “Live a Life of Love”…

In my Life’s Journey, I have learned that LOVE is the Foundation that links me to God. Through Love, I have endured many of life’s trials and challenges, which have molded my Character and enriched my Wisdom.  If there is one thing I’d like to leave as my life’s legacy, it would be that I always strived to Live a Life of Love and that I always encouraged my family and others to do the same. Everything is what we make it… we are stronger than we think; Love will guides us through. For three things remain: Faith, Hope and Love… but the GREATEST of these, is LOVE. Corinthians 13:13


2 thoughts on “My Life Legacy… “Live a Life of Love”…

    • Hi Daniel!!!! Thank you sooooooo much for your LOVE, SUPPORT and ENCOURAGEMENT!!!! As I’ve always said, “You are WISE BEYOND YOUR YEARS. You are an AMAZING person and a WONDERFUL son… a BEAUTIFUL BLESSING from God. I am very thankful and grateful for the Beautiful relationship we have, which comes from the foundation of God’s LOVE. I sincerely appreciate you for ALL That YOU ARE and for ALL THAT YOU DO. I love you with all my heart, mijo… LOVE -Mom
      p.s. May my Blog Inspire, Uplift and Motivate people through LOVE. Thank you for helping me set it up!!!!

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