“Happy Birthday Dear Beautiful Little Sister!!!!!”

vickys bday

Happy Birthday to You… Happy Birthday to You… Happy Birthday Dear Victoria…
Happy Birthday to you… and many more!!!! Cha- Cha- Cha…

My Dearest Vicky,

Have a wonderful time on your special day; as you know your Birthday is very Special to me. I will always embrace the Beautiful Memory of my Mom naming you after Victoria… the Beautiful Nurse who took care of her the day you were born because she truly believed that naming you after her, would make you grow to be Beautiful like her. Her wish came true!!! You are Beautiful… Inside and Out, Vicky. You possess the Beautiful Foundation of LOVE that God instilled in our Mom and that she later instilled in you/us. The TIME you spend with people, the LOVE you share with others through your ACTS of KINDNESS and the LOVELY GIFTS you wholeheartedly give to others, make your BEAUTY GLOW with ILLUMINATING RADIANCE. May God continue to bless you in abundance with much LOVE, WISDOM, GREAT HEALTH and all the WONDERFUL BLESSINGS you deserve. May you age GRACEFULLY and preserve that BEAUTIFUL SPIRIT of mind, body and soul that you now have. If my Mom were here, she’d be sooooo proud of you for All that you are and ALL that you do for ALL people. Who would’ve known that we’d grow to be so close, despite of our age difference; I will always be here for you. The LOVE that you soooo JOYOUSLY have for God, yourself, your husband, family and all children/people is extremely ADMIRABLE!!! You are a WISE WOMAN Vicky!!! My GRANDEST wish is for God to bless you with the desires of your heart because you are truly deserving of His LOVE, Mercy and Grace. With God, ALL THINGS are Possible. Keep LIVING a LIFE of LOVE and keep sharing that amazing LOVING HEART with all people. I love you little Sister… I’m looking forward to seeing you soon. Have a BEAUTIFUL Birthday!!!! Keep your FAITH and LOVE for God SOLID and STRONG always.  I Love you ever sooooooo much, your Big Sister Cecilia – “Live a Life of LOVE”… xo xo xo “Hugs and Kisses to you”…

Sharing Selena’s Signature Song with you: Amazing Life…. Happy Birthday!!!! Click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVfK_CvTAnQ


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