Through JOYFUL eyes…

       Pink Color Roses…

This Flower is an example of the way we should all view the world… the way we should find the good in the “not so nice things or in the not so kind people.” We should choose to see the positive things in all situations. Sadly, some people think that a persons’ optimistic and positive ways are a bad thing… claiming they just see the world like Pink Color Roses… but you know what? That’s okay… the reality is that a person who sees this weed as a Flower is also a person who views a glass of water as half full… not half empty. If you can see this weed as a flower, thank God with all your heart for blessing you with the ability to view things as you do. Continue embracing His blessings and keep seeing the world through JOYFUL eyes. A positive perspective of people, things and life come from a Loving Heart and reflect who you are. Seeing bad situations as good ones means you’re being wise enough to know that bad situations are Trials given to us by God, and that we learn good lessons from bad situations. In turn, we become stronger and wiser in the end. In honor of God and yourself, keep viewing everything in life as positive… allow God to be the Foundation of your positive ways. If you are struggling to view things positively, pray for God to enlighten you and guide you to see things with a new positive perspective. With God all things are possible… you will be thankful for the beautiful change in you because God’s LOVE is amazing and it is there for everyone who seeks Him.  Blessings of Love and JOY to you all…








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