Having a good balance in our lives is very important for our health and happiness. Being a woman is challenging because there are sooooo many duties we need to fulfill as women. In my opinion, first and foremost we should place God at the Center of our lives by making time for Him every single day… all else should follow. Most of us need to balance between being a wife, mother, daughter, sibling, auntie, friend, working woman and housekeeper. Those are a lot of shoes to fill. Therefore, it is very important to be in touch with ourselves through a little daily self time. Making a few minutes for “self time” each day is vital for catching our breath, clearing our minds and refreshing our bodies.  Whether we read, exercise or dedicate a few minutes to a fun hobby, it is important to refresh… aahhh, much-needed. My heart goes out in admiration for single women who successfully overcome the struggles of playing the mother and father role. Kudos to you wonderfully beautiful strong women… be PROUD of yourselves and know that you are AMAZING!!! Keep up the great job!!!  

Thankfully, God created us with the wonderful ability to multi-task… how awesome is that!?!? Thank you God. 🙂 Yet, despite of that blessing, our multiple duties make us tired at the end of a busy day… so a good balance is vital. Our careers are important because they are our source and foundation of financial support.  However our HOME consists of our beautiful families, which need and require our best… so strive for maintaining a great balance between work, home and all things. While at work, leave home at HOME… and while at HOME, leave work at WORK.  In doing so, you will feel in great Spirits with all your relationships and everyone will have “the best of you.”  

Again, I must reiterate… place God first. For it is through Him, that we have the wonderful ability to be successfully fulfilled women. Embrace your Blessings and strive for that perfect balance. “Live a Life of LOVE”…  xo xo xo


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