Prayer of Heart, Mind and Soul…

                                                                        Prayer of Heart, Mind and Soul…

One of my greatest wishes for ALL people has always been the blessing of Good Health. Today, I extend a prayer for ALL my family, friends and people in our world… May God guide us all to wholeheartedly seek and receive His loving protection, healing and restoration of health. May He grant us LOVE and MERCY through His Loving Grace and Healing Power. May He guide us all to humble our hearts with LOVE and sincerity… to truly Believe in Him… to patiently stand still while He does His works and to trust Him with our heart, mind and soul. May He help us to be strong, understanding and supportive with our family members who are sick. May He fill our hearts with kindness, patience and love so that we can help them feel better through our compassionate love and support. May He also comfort the hearts of all who have lost a loved one by guiding all to have Peace and HOPE…  because through Resurrection, we too can rise again someday… for God sent His only beloved son, Jesus Christ to model His beautiful example to us, so that we would truly BELIEVE in Him and follow Him through His Loving Word.

May God Bless you all, much Love… – Cecy     “Live a Life of LOVE”…

Be inspired… “Heal The World” video:


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