“From this Moment and All This Time”…


 From This Moment and All This Time…

Fifteen years ago, I experienced the deepest pain I’ve ever known… the loss of my Mother. As I’m writing this, I came to a halt –  because in thinking of that day and pausing for a moment, I can momentarily still feel speechless… broken… numb. All of us have experienced heartaches, hardships and severely painful days. I went through severe darkness as a result… wondering how long I was going to hurt. The truth is, some of the hardest situations in life are ones that we may never get completely over. We just have to learn to get through them somehow. For me, my “somehow” was God. Before this heartbreak, I thought I knew God… but the truth is… I really didn’t. As I sought Him for comfort and healing… I slowly but surely began developing a personal relationship with Him. Little by little, I began regaining my strength and regaining my JOY… and “somehow” I amazingly moved forward with ease. Many beautiful blessings began to come my way, as if they were merely handed to me.  I received them and embraced them with GRAND Gratitude and JOY. Throughout my Journey and up until today, I realize that the painful situation I endured, developed an AMAZING LOVE inside my heart.  A LOVE so GRAND, that to this day I can not completely explain it. Since then, the things that happen in my life as they do, all fall together like a Puzzle. It is truly wonderful to see things unfold… especially when at the moment that things happen, we have no clue as to why we are experiencing such things. But it’s wonderful to STAND STILL and allow God to lead us… and moreso to realize in the end, that the reason we felt SAFE all along is because God was “Walking With Us ALL THAT TIME.”  So today, I encourage anyone who is going through tough times to stay STRONG, have HOPE and SEEK God. For He will give you comfort… He will heal your heart… He will walk with you… And He will change your life FROM THAT MOMENT ON…

Below are two EXTREMELY important songs to me because of how greatly I Rejoiced “FROM THE MOMENT” in which I discovered the Greatest LOVE I’ve ever known… God… and how it all made sense to me when I realized that He was “Walking With Me All That Time” …       “This is my Story” ~

From This Moment by Shania Twain http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-Lp2uC_1lg        

 My interpretation to this song/video is the Purity of LOVE and Spirituality. Look at how she tries to open a door but it is closed… she then looks up and tries to open yet, another door… and she keeps walking towards something else. “In Life, when God closes a door on us, He opens a  GREATER door.” So the door she ultimately finds, is the Door where she finds God…  “HE is the REASON I BELIEVE LOVE” …

All This Time by Britt Nicole: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qkFboViSmPA  This song displays how through brokenness she found God and realized He’d been walking with her “ALL THAT TIME.” “This is My Story… This is my Story”…

By now you may have noticed that Britt Nicole is one of my Favorite Artists ever!!!! 🙂 Yes… “Live a Life of LOVE”…  – Cecilia *



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