Communication and its Mixed Messages…

Communication… and its Mixed Messages

Technology has become one of the most popular and strongest means of communication these days. We communicate via telephone, texting, and social media perhaps sometimes more than in person. All of that is great… to a certain extent. In my opinion, many mixed messages can be sent with these types of contact. A simple error in grammar, punctuation, tone of voice or body language can totally change the meaning of what is really being said.

Not long ago, I was speaking with a Colleague via telephone. She was speaking as sweet as usual, but amazingly I still sensed the stress in her voice. In my curiosity to find out if my discernment of her tone was correct, I humbly asked her if she was okay and I told her that I sensed stress in her voice; I told her I was there if she needed to take a walk and talk… or something. Sure enough, she said “Cecy, you are good!!! I always try to sound polite and courteous and I hope I wasn’t rude… but yes, I am not feeling very good today and I recently had a loss in my family.” It’s amazing how her tone of voice relayed the stress she was feeling even though she was speaking very sweetly. I know the kind of person she is and I know she would’ve never intended to be rude to me. So I’m happy that I took a moment to look beyond the surface by humbly asking her about it. As a result, I was able to find out that she really wasn’t feeling well and I was able to offer her comfort and support. This is just one example of how communication can sometimes send mixed messages… even when you’re actually speaking to a person on the telephone. It’s a great example as to how important it is to truly be in touch with each other by being humble and open to reach out to one another in good Faith and Love. 

In my experience and opinion, I strongly feel that texting and emailing are the means of communication that are most often misunderstood. Yet, for some reason, they seem to be the most popular these days because everyone is so busy on a daily basis. Therefore, texting and emailing are perhaps the quickest non-committed way to communicate without losing time to whatever you may be doing at that moment. While it can be convenient, it can also send mixed messages.

I’d say however, that the key to communicating effectively, is for both people involved in a conversation to make sure that the information is conveyed and received in the way in which is was intended… and that if ever, someone senses that something is wrong, it is absolutely worth it to take a moment to find out what is really beneath the surface. This can be done with any form of communication BUT we must clothe ourselves with humility.

All of us undergo daily struggles, trials and challenging moments in life and not everyone knows what is really going on with one another on a daily basis. Therefore, strong and effective communication is an important aspect to healthy relationships. May God always be our guide in discerning what is truly behind any mixed messages we may encounter in Life. Best wishes of effective communication to you all. *

Please Note:  What I’ve written above, is solely based on my personal opinion on this topic. I hadn’t blogged since Friday Sept 13th, so today I asked my Daughter, Selena to select a topic for me to write about. This is what she selected and these are my personal thoughts and feelings about this matter based on my personal experiences and discernment. If I’m correct, some of you may agree with my point of view. 🙂

Happy Friday to you all… have a great weekend!!!  🙂   “Live a Life of Love”… – Cecy

Here’s a song to lift your Spirit and remind you that you can always Lean on someone, for we all have Special People in our lives’ that we can Lean On:    “Lean on Me” :


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