“BELIEVE in YOURSELF and Make it Happen”…

“If you BELIEVE in YOURSELF you’re gonna Make it Happen… Make it Happen… And if you get down on your Knees and PRAY TO THE LORD, you’re gonna MAKE IT HAPPEN… MAKE IT HAPPEN.”                  — Mariah Carey

 Yes, more IMPORTANTLY… If You BELIEVE in God you’re gonna Make it Happen …

Today, I received a heartfelt response to two of my Posts, via email from my good friend, Velvette. She responded to “My Light” and “Make a Little Time for LOVE.” I wholeheartedly replied to her and it inspired me to write this Post: “BELIEVE in YOURSELF and Make it Happen.” So my dear friend Velvette, this is for you. May you get excited to ask God to walk with you and bless you with Promising Days in the future. Learn to BELIEVE in yourself… TRUST in God and you WILL see the LIGHT someday. Many women are going through the same thing…

 Being a single woman is very common these days, yet very difficult. I can imagine how hard it is to be a single Mother because being a parent can be a challenge even for married parents, who are raising their children together. So I know it’s much harder for a single parent, who has to be both, Mother and Father. To all my single friends, “God bless you for ALL you do!!!!!!!” It is apparent that you will be faced with Challenging Trials and Multiple Adversities in Life. It must be hard to have the strength to endure all things and still have JOY at the end of a hard day. I truly don’t believe you can do it alone … no, I truly believe you NEED to have God by your side.

Life has its cycles of good and bad days… ups and downs… worse and worst. That’s a fact of Life that we all know through our own experiences. The Beauty in this, is that through the problems and Trials of life, we can PREVAIL.

I told Velvette this morning that I believe that God calls us to Him through Tests of Faith. He uses problems to draw us closer to Him, as He rescues those who call on Him and are crushed in Spirit. Our most intimate experiences of drawing closer to God will be in our darkest days. The TESTS of our Life become our Life TESTimonies. I told her that I will not promise that God will take her problems away, but that I will promise that He will make her stronger, give her  peace, comfort and will walk with her through her hardships. That with Him by her side, she will no longer feel alone. That her LOVE, Strength, Faith, Hope, Trust and Confidence will increase sooooooo much, that she will begin to see things through the Eyes of LOVE — and when she does that, many things will change for the better. I will tell to you the same… yes, to you and to anyone who is hurting. “Seek, Find and BELIEVE in God… then Trust Him and you will feel Free, Safe and Protected.” 

A few years ago, my very good Friend/Comadre Shanae had a heartfelt prayer… she sought God’s guidance through LOVE, Patience and complete Faith-filled Trust. She believed in herself and in Him soooo strongly and she made the Blessing of her Prayer HAPPEN. So this Post is also for you, my dear friend. I am very proud of you… you are His. 🙂 You are a wonderful example of a Faithful Woman of God; bless your heart. I am sooooo happy for you!!!! You INSPIRE me through your Faith, Trust, Hope, Love, and OBEDIENCE… thank you!!!! I have learned some great things from you. Your genuine Loyalty, Support and Heartfelt Connection are beautiful traits of a Treasured Friend.

My best wishes of LOVE to you all. Challenge yourselves to see things with a different perspective; when something bad happens, do not dwell on it too much… rather, seek God. Have Faith and learn to find something positive in your situation, no matter what it is. There are bad things in life, but there is always something worse. Stay strong… I send you a Hug of Comfort. 🙂

 I’m ever soooooooo excited for you to watch the Video I attached… This song pulled me through some tough days; I hope it INSPIRES you to move forward with much LOVE, HOPE, FAITH, TRUST, PATIENCE and ENTHUSIASM. I felt excited in simply writing about this, so I hope it motivates you to BELIEVE…

Blessings of LOVE and a BIG Hug to those who need comfort… With all my LOVE, Cecy — “Live a Life of Love”…

Yay, here it is… Click here to watch “Make it Happen” by Mariah Carey: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CdbEx3V1F1Q

I dedicate this Song/Video to my beautiful daughter Selena, her beautiful friend Samantha and my beautiful little Sister, Victoria: “Ladies, you guys have an extremely AMAZING Joie de Vivre … a beautiful JOY for LIFE through your free and Joyful Spirits; may that JOY guide you guys to always stay Positive through all things in Life, with God as your guide.” — And a great wish to my beautiful Nieces: Nohemi, Rocio, Monique, Stephanie, Jackie, Maria, Ruthy, Celeste, Ileanna and Olivia… as well as to my Beautiful God-daughters: Adrianna, Kiara, Phylis, Ileanna, Maria and Stephanie. And OMG, the great wishes are for ALL of you Young Beautiful Ladies and Teens: “May All of you always embrace Life with LOVE and may you learn to Believe in Yourselves AND Make it Happen… with God leading your path.”  OMG, you guys are all Simply BEAUTIFUL!!!! Soooooo much LOVE and good wishes to YOU ALL!!!! 

Velvette, may this Post/Song/Video inspire you and guide you in the right path.

Congratulations to my Beautiful Sister Maria on her recent accomplishement; I knew you could do it!!! I’m soooo happy for you!!! God is Awesome!!!  This is for you too!!!

Please watch the video all the way to the end. Be INSPIRED… it’s a Happy song, so receive it with JOY!!! Life is BEAUTIFUL and God Loves us ALL!!! Xo xo xo — Cecy


Make a Little Time for LOVE…

Share your Time… Share Your LOVE

Time seems to be a big struggle for many people these days… but does sharing a little Love really take that long? Here’s some ideas: Send a little text, email or leave a little phone message or note. It could be something simple, but meaningful. Sometimes the simplest things in life, can mean the most. So reach out and touch someone with a little Spark of Love today. Make someone SMILE… change someone’s day.

Learn to Love every moment because Time is Precious … 

“Live a Life of LOVE”…  – Cecy *   Have a Beautiful Day!!!!

Note: I didn’t have much TIME today, so my message is simple, but it holds GREAT Value.  Be Inspired by my ever most favorite… Beautiful Britt Nicole please click here to view/hear the Lyrics of “Through The Eyes of Love”:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5sPO2IwwwPw

My Light …

This is Where My LOVE Comes From…

Do you stay True to Who You AreOr do you conform with who you think people want you to be? The older we get, we begin to realize how Uniquely Special we are. We all develop differently through the Experiences, Trials and Challenges we’ve each undergone in our lives. Our Characters are Molded and Shaped by Life’s Hardships and Adversities. Many of us have similarities… but we are all uniquely different because we each have a different Life Story.

My Solid Foundation is God, as I come from a family of Strong Believers. True, we do not share the same religion, but we all share the LOVE and FAITH in God. My parents planted the seed of LOVE for God in all of us at a very young age. As with many kids, teenagers and young adults, I too went through different stages of life. Learning, exploring, discovering, enjoying, seeking and finding. In the end, I came to Realize that the Strong Foundation of my Love for God, which was Instilled in me soooooo long ago is what has held me up the strongest in my life and it has now evolved to be so Solid, Strong and True.

Several times in my life, I’ve had people tell me that they see a certain LIGHT or GLOW in me that is very peaceful and comforting. One of my friends/Co-workers once told me, “Cecy, I would like to have the Light that I see in you… how can I get that?” I was very humbled, honored and touched… so I spoke to her about God an invited her to my Parish, as I do with many people. She came… and furthermore, she moved forward to make her Confirmation; I was very happy… she really touched my heart.

I was so moved by many of the things I was reading and learning in my wonderful books and by the sweet compliments of people telling me that they could see something nice within me. So moved, that I wanted to share my JOY with others so that they can feel the same JOY and find the same peace and comfort. So I began placing my feelings in writing… by creating Heartfelt emails.

My emails brought forth a wonderful outcome; they were uplifting, inspiring and comforting people at the right time. That’s the feedback I received many days. How Amazing!!!! Sooooo many people have asked me, “Cecy, where does all that LOVE you share in your Inspirational emails come from… you have a True Gift for Writing.” I am very humbled by such wonderful compliments. Perhaps I am a good writer… but the Light does not come from me just being a good writer… the Light Comes from way deep Inside my Heart. The light comes from LOVE… and the LOVE comes from my Solid Foundation… God. 

Sad as it is, I’ve noticed that hear say truly does exist amongst people when they see a person changing, evolving and staying true to her Faith. Finding such JOY also comes with losing something… in the midst of certain changes, some people begin to keep their distance. That is a fact that has been written; it’s expected. Some people may think I have changed a bit… True, I know I have, but I am still me and my change is for the greater good. The difference can solely be the simple fact that in the past, I held back from sharing and speaking about what I’m truly passionate about… My LOVE for God. I held back from sharing it because I was afraid of people looking at me different… because I sensed they would. The fact is, that friends who truly LOVE you will accept you as you are and never expect you to be any different, for their sake.

A True Friend will be Happy for us in our JOYS in Life and will Accept us and Love us as we are. So no more holding back… this is me.

There is no shame in Loving God, so there should be no shame in changing certain things in His honor… it comes natural as a person gets closer to Him… and the changes come from being True to Who YOU are in HONOR of being TRUE To Him. Otherwise, everything you’re learning about Him is in vain. If a person finds shame in changing, that’s their opinion… perhaps they need to ask themselves why they think that. I am not perfect; I never claimed to be… but I do strive to be the Best Version of Myself… I strive to “Live a Life of Love”…

So I encourage you… be WHO you Are… because those who TRULY LOVE you will Accept you as you are.

Do not change yourself for the sake of others. We all walk in different paths of life… at different times. Some may not understand you now, but perhaps in the future, when they’re walking down the path you are currently in, they will. Someday, things may make sense to everyone. Meanwhile, be JOYFUL… be HAPPY… BE YOU!!!!

Do NOT cover your SHINE. —  If you GLOW, embrace it and utilize that Glow to Encourage others by sharing the LIGHT of WHO you are with all. God is pleased when we share His LOVE with others…

Life can be Short, so decide who you want to please. Do you want to please the people of this world or do you want to please God? 

– Wishing you many Blessings of LOVE, Confidence, and Peace in feeling good about being True to Yourself…

– Hugs, Cecilia

This message will not feel complete if you do not view the attached Video; please Click on this Link to view and listen to Britt Nicole’s Song “Ready or Not”. It describes exactly how I feel and what I’ve written on this blog. Please listen to it all the way to the end. Thank you…  Ready or Not”:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yAn8GuUlRWc

I can not get over the fact that I can Identify my Life sooooooo closely with Britt Nicole’s Music… she is a Blessing!!!!! – Cecilia

“A Beautiful Day”…

Beautifully said – Appreciate Life and Good Health…

Seek to notice the Beauty in your Life and all the Blessings in your Surroundings. May you learn to see things for what they TRULY are… may you value them for all their worth and may you always make the best of all things; learning to “feel good” in all matters.

Blessings of LOVE to you All…

– Hugs, Cecilia  “Live a Life of Love”…

Click here and be Inspired by the Generous Mr. Lovewell by Mercy Me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MpUL_gMuW-E    I love this song… it reminds me of my Father in Law, Jose… he is  an Amazing person!!!! 

“Have a BEAUTIFUL DAY!!!!”

Dancing in the Rain…

– So go for it… Learn to Dance in the Rain and be Amazed!!!!

The Secret to unexplainable JOY  even through gloomy weather is to learn to Dance in the Rain despite of the heavy puddles in life. So go for it… Dance in the Rain… Splash on the Puddles and Be Amazed  because without you knowing, as you walk in JOY God is walking with you.  

Be Positive… Stay Strong… Feel Great!!!!

Happy Wednesday!!!! Enjoy the Rain and Splash away!!!!!

“Live a Life of Love”… – Cecilia *

 Click here to listen toDancing in the Rain” by Abby JOY and be Inspired: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-IOLQzC_S5c

Compassion for ALL People…

A Little Acknowledgement May be All they’d really want…

How do you feel when you see the Homeless in the streets? Do you pause for a moment to think about how they feel… having to be dirty, sad, cold, helpless, hungry and forgotten?  I work in the Downtown area, so I see this sadness daily. I have always generously given to the Homeless or people in need and I have guided my children to do the same. Yet, for some reason, as I’ve passed by them lately for the past two weeks, I have played back in my head a scene from a Movie, which I highly recommend. A movie called “School of Life” starring Ryan Reynolds. This movie displays a great example of a JOYOUS LIFE filled with COMPASSION, INSPIRATION and LOVE for people, despite of a hidden hardship. Please watch it with your children, as it leaves a valuable lesson. It will touch your hearts… it’s a funny movie, yet also very sad.

Ironically, this weekend the Homily at Mass really touched my Heart… it was about Acknowledging the Homeless. Hearing the Homily as we watched very sad images of Homeless people on the screen really touched my heart and left me sad… with many questions in my mind.  Just yesterday, I told my good friend Yvette about how much the Homily impacted me. I told her how our Parish Priest told us that many times the Homeless do not exactly want our money or our help… but that many times they truly just want  our ACKNOWLEDGEMENT; an Acknowledgment that they are people too. An acknowledgment filled with compassion. simple smilea simple hello… or a simple how are you could make them feel better than a one dollar bill or sadly, our leftover food. 😦

Today, I felt like God tested my heart…  My friend Yvette and I ate a delicious Burger with Fries at the Farmers Market, as we sat near the fountain area. Sitting next to us, were a middle age Hispanic man and woman. Sadly, the man watched us eat the entire time. He was looking at us with the eyes of a sad- hungry -child. I noticed it and told my friend that I wanted to give him some money, but since he didn’t ask me for any, I didn’t want to offend him if he wasn’t homeless indeed. His clothes, plastic bag and the appearance that he hadn’t showered in days made me think he was homeless, but he didn’t act homeless; he didn’t ask for money. He simply sat there watching us like a sweet child.

As we walked away, I looked at him and said “Hola, como esta… que tenga buen dia.” That means “Hello, how are you… have a good day.” He replied with a smile, asking me how I was, as well. The woman simply smiled and nodded to what we said. When I got upstairs, I was still feeling  unsettled because his sweet face and voice stuck in my head. So since I still had 10 minutes left, I went to look for them… but they were gone. 😦  I was upset at myself for not originally thinking of a clever way to invite them to eat something at the moment that he was watching us eat. As I got near the Filipino Food Truck, the song “Look at All These People” was playing on their radio!!!! Wow!!! That was amazing!!! That song made me even sadder. I went to look for them again on my break, but no sign of them… they were gone.

This stayed heavy in my heart… so I’ve been talking about it with my daughter Selena, texting my friend Yvette about it and now, sharing my story with you.

I am sad about it, yet I realize that even though I did not give them money, I DID ACKNOWLEDGE THEM and I spoke to HIM as I made eye contact with him… his look was sooooo innocently Angelic. Do you believe in Angels? I have read that they exist and walk among us. Could this be a Test of Heart from God? Perhaps.  I am soooooooo touched by this whole occurrence and how it all fell together as if my thoughts of two weeks ago, the homily and what happened today are all linked together.

God works in mysterious ways… if and when you feel that He is speaking to you through your thoughts, occurrences and people, try to stop for a moment to reflect on the possibility that He is sending you a message; perhaps someone you know really needs your help, your acknowledgment or your friendship. So yes… let’s ACKNOWLEDGE the HOMELESS. A simple smile, hello, or how are you will brighten up their day and make them feel good… by feeling that they matter because THEY are PEOPLE  too… people with different stories of hardships in life that have led them where they are today. 

Of course if you can do more for them… please do; but if not, your Acknowledgement may be sufficient. May God protect them, keep them warm, safe and strong… may He help them overcome, so that perhaps one day, they will not be homeless anymore.  

Note: To feel the Full Effect of what I’ve written, please make sure you watch the videos that I attach to my Posts because they add more  meaning to what I’ve written…

Please click here to watch the Video of “All the Lonely People“…  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0gpPs4flw8

 Please click here to see the Trailer to “School of Life” & rent it please 🙂 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPk02Njdy6k 

Last but not least, please watch this Video by my favorite Singer, Britt Nicole: “Look Like LOVE”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLqnW4ZDxlg

Blessings to you ALL… “Live a Life of LOVE”… –  Cecilia

“Worth More than GOLD”….

                                                – And it Reflects from the Heart…

I am a people person and I love ALL people… especially Children!!!!! Although I consider myself mature, deep down I will always be a Child at Heart. JOY simply consumes me!!!!  Through my LOVE for people, I have been very observant throughout the years. I’ve learned that at some point in life, many have been bullied or have been made fun of in some way. Meeting the Status Quo of todays Society can be a challenge at our schools, work place and even within our own Circle of Friends.

My thought is this… why bother to be like others? Be YOURSELF!!!!!!!!  Sadly, in being ourselves someone will come out and say we are way too happy… we are way too skinny… we are way too chunky… way too serious… way too crazy etc... Yet, BE who YOU ARE anyway!!!!! Do not change who you are at the criticism of another because if they are putting you down, the problem lies in them… not in you

People can be cruel, if we let them… ultimately, it is up to us to allow a person to hurt us. It is known that people put others down in order to make themselves feel better. Some are not happy for us when we prosper so in turn they ignore us, become fake with us and/or treat us differently than they treat others. The wonderful thing is that we have the power to remain TRUE to who WE ARE regardless of their hearsay.  Superficial tends to rule these days; sometimes it’s hard to distinguish who is real. Do not  focus on others… focus on YOURSELF and BE YOU!!!!!! God made us all with our own Individual and UNIQUE Beautiful Qualities… so embrace His Gift and Feel Good about YOU as you are.

Embrace all the Special things about you, big or small that ONLY you have because there is ONLY one YOU!!!!!! More importantly, realize that your Beauty comes from Within… and give thanks to God for making you BEAUTIFUL, blessing you with Grace and allowing you to realize that YOU are worth more than GOLD…

Here is “GOLD”… a song by my favorite Artist, Britt Nicole. May it help you embrace your INDIVIDUALITY and guide you to realize that YOU are worth MORE than GOLD!!!!!  http://www.godtube.com/watch/?v=W7KL7WNX

Blessings and LOVE to you All… “Live a Life of LOVE”…  – Cecilia

– p.s. I LOVE this Video even more because I have ALWAYS loved Balloons!!!!  They are a very SPECIAL and Memorable part of my Childhood…  xo xo xo