“Worth More than GOLD”….

                                                – And it Reflects from the Heart…

I am a people person and I love ALL people… especially Children!!!!! Although I consider myself mature, deep down I will always be a Child at Heart. JOY simply consumes me!!!!  Through my LOVE for people, I have been very observant throughout the years. I’ve learned that at some point in life, many have been bullied or have been made fun of in some way. Meeting the Status Quo of todays Society can be a challenge at our schools, work place and even within our own Circle of Friends.

My thought is this… why bother to be like others? Be YOURSELF!!!!!!!!  Sadly, in being ourselves someone will come out and say we are way too happy… we are way too skinny… we are way too chunky… way too serious… way too crazy etc... Yet, BE who YOU ARE anyway!!!!! Do not change who you are at the criticism of another because if they are putting you down, the problem lies in them… not in you

People can be cruel, if we let them… ultimately, it is up to us to allow a person to hurt us. It is known that people put others down in order to make themselves feel better. Some are not happy for us when we prosper so in turn they ignore us, become fake with us and/or treat us differently than they treat others. The wonderful thing is that we have the power to remain TRUE to who WE ARE regardless of their hearsay.  Superficial tends to rule these days; sometimes it’s hard to distinguish who is real. Do not  focus on others… focus on YOURSELF and BE YOU!!!!!! God made us all with our own Individual and UNIQUE Beautiful Qualities… so embrace His Gift and Feel Good about YOU as you are.

Embrace all the Special things about you, big or small that ONLY you have because there is ONLY one YOU!!!!!! More importantly, realize that your Beauty comes from Within… and give thanks to God for making you BEAUTIFUL, blessing you with Grace and allowing you to realize that YOU are worth more than GOLD…

Here is “GOLD”… a song by my favorite Artist, Britt Nicole. May it help you embrace your INDIVIDUALITY and guide you to realize that YOU are worth MORE than GOLD!!!!!  http://www.godtube.com/watch/?v=W7KL7WNX

Blessings and LOVE to you All… “Live a Life of LOVE”…  – Cecilia

– p.s. I LOVE this Video even more because I have ALWAYS loved Balloons!!!!  They are a very SPECIAL and Memorable part of my Childhood…  xo xo xo


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