Compassion for ALL People…

A Little Acknowledgement May be All they’d really want…

How do you feel when you see the Homeless in the streets? Do you pause for a moment to think about how they feel… having to be dirty, sad, cold, helpless, hungry and forgotten?  I work in the Downtown area, so I see this sadness daily. I have always generously given to the Homeless or people in need and I have guided my children to do the same. Yet, for some reason, as I’ve passed by them lately for the past two weeks, I have played back in my head a scene from a Movie, which I highly recommend. A movie called “School of Life” starring Ryan Reynolds. This movie displays a great example of a JOYOUS LIFE filled with COMPASSION, INSPIRATION and LOVE for people, despite of a hidden hardship. Please watch it with your children, as it leaves a valuable lesson. It will touch your hearts… it’s a funny movie, yet also very sad.

Ironically, this weekend the Homily at Mass really touched my Heart… it was about Acknowledging the Homeless. Hearing the Homily as we watched very sad images of Homeless people on the screen really touched my heart and left me sad… with many questions in my mind.  Just yesterday, I told my good friend Yvette about how much the Homily impacted me. I told her how our Parish Priest told us that many times the Homeless do not exactly want our money or our help… but that many times they truly just want  our ACKNOWLEDGEMENT; an Acknowledgment that they are people too. An acknowledgment filled with compassion. simple smilea simple hello… or a simple how are you could make them feel better than a one dollar bill or sadly, our leftover food. 😦

Today, I felt like God tested my heart…  My friend Yvette and I ate a delicious Burger with Fries at the Farmers Market, as we sat near the fountain area. Sitting next to us, were a middle age Hispanic man and woman. Sadly, the man watched us eat the entire time. He was looking at us with the eyes of a sad- hungry -child. I noticed it and told my friend that I wanted to give him some money, but since he didn’t ask me for any, I didn’t want to offend him if he wasn’t homeless indeed. His clothes, plastic bag and the appearance that he hadn’t showered in days made me think he was homeless, but he didn’t act homeless; he didn’t ask for money. He simply sat there watching us like a sweet child.

As we walked away, I looked at him and said “Hola, como esta… que tenga buen dia.” That means “Hello, how are you… have a good day.” He replied with a smile, asking me how I was, as well. The woman simply smiled and nodded to what we said. When I got upstairs, I was still feeling  unsettled because his sweet face and voice stuck in my head. So since I still had 10 minutes left, I went to look for them… but they were gone. 😦  I was upset at myself for not originally thinking of a clever way to invite them to eat something at the moment that he was watching us eat. As I got near the Filipino Food Truck, the song “Look at All These People” was playing on their radio!!!! Wow!!! That was amazing!!! That song made me even sadder. I went to look for them again on my break, but no sign of them… they were gone.

This stayed heavy in my heart… so I’ve been talking about it with my daughter Selena, texting my friend Yvette about it and now, sharing my story with you.

I am sad about it, yet I realize that even though I did not give them money, I DID ACKNOWLEDGE THEM and I spoke to HIM as I made eye contact with him… his look was sooooo innocently Angelic. Do you believe in Angels? I have read that they exist and walk among us. Could this be a Test of Heart from God? Perhaps.  I am soooooooo touched by this whole occurrence and how it all fell together as if my thoughts of two weeks ago, the homily and what happened today are all linked together.

God works in mysterious ways… if and when you feel that He is speaking to you through your thoughts, occurrences and people, try to stop for a moment to reflect on the possibility that He is sending you a message; perhaps someone you know really needs your help, your acknowledgment or your friendship. So yes… let’s ACKNOWLEDGE the HOMELESS. A simple smile, hello, or how are you will brighten up their day and make them feel good… by feeling that they matter because THEY are PEOPLE  too… people with different stories of hardships in life that have led them where they are today. 

Of course if you can do more for them… please do; but if not, your Acknowledgement may be sufficient. May God protect them, keep them warm, safe and strong… may He help them overcome, so that perhaps one day, they will not be homeless anymore.  

Note: To feel the Full Effect of what I’ve written, please make sure you watch the videos that I attach to my Posts because they add more  meaning to what I’ve written…

Please click here to watch the Video of “All the Lonely People“…

 Please click here to see the Trailer to “School of Life” & rent it please 🙂 : 

Last but not least, please watch this Video by my favorite Singer, Britt Nicole: “Look Like LOVE”:

Blessings to you ALL… “Live a Life of LOVE”… –  Cecilia


6 thoughts on “Compassion for ALL People…

      • My Beautiful little Sis, I LOVE all our texts, emails and chats. I miss you ever soooo much but I love that we’re in touch all day long, every day!!! Hee hee. I think I need a separate phone for all the beautiful photos and texts you send me because I don’t like to delete them; they’re always soooooo BEAUTIFUL and meaningful to me!!! LOVE you ever soooooo much!!!! xo xo xo

    • Awwww, thank you my Beautiful friend!!! Many blessings to you too!!! I miss you, but soooo glad we’re just a text, email and phone call away. Blessings of LOVE and a big HUG to you!!!! Love you!!! xo xo xo

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