What Do You LOVE to Do?

“Lose Yourself In What You LOVE to Do”…

What is your Passion? Is there one particular thing you truly enjoy doing? Something you enjoy doing sooooo much, that you can literally lose track of TIME?

My passion is reading and writing… it has always been something I enjoy doing with all my Heart. Most of my books are about LOVE, Life, Parenting, Relationships and God… the things that I value most in my life and that I’m truly GRATEFUL for. 

Through reading, I learn about the WORLD… about LIFE…  about PEOPLE, myself and soooooo much about our Loving God.

Through writing, I am able to connect with others, uplift, inspire, encourage and motivate… many days, making a difference for someone.

When I was young, I wanted to be a Newspaper Journalist, a Magazine Editor or a Hallmark Card Author; I didn’t accomplish that dream. However, deep inside I still feel a great sense of fulfillment because all my life, I have managed to write about what I feel and what I LOVE… even if it’s not on a professional level.  Throughout my life, I’ve connected with others through writing for my school and work Newspaper, creating emails, writing personal heartfelt cards or just simple letters to family and friends.

Many people have complimented my writing and requested me to Edit their work.  Many have told me I missed my calling… that I’m in the wrong line of work because I should be writing… and many have requested me to write and continue writing inspirational readings. That alone is enough to fulfill my Grateful Heart… I am not a professional writer and I don’t earn money for what I write, BUT I am very HAPPY and FULFILLED in writing as I do because it is WHAT I LOVE.

So I highly encourage you all, especially you Young Adults and Teens to “Let the Beauty of What You Like to Do, be WHAT you Do.” Choose a career based on your Passionbut if for some reason it does not work out as a career, then do it as a Hobby anywaybut be sure to do it. Our hearts get sooooo much fulfillment in doing what we LOVE. 

I wrote this with my daughter, Selena in mind; she has a passion for photography and making/editing short films. She has done some amazing projects and I highly encourage her to fulfill her passion either as a career or as her continuous hobby. My nieces and God-Daughter have a passion for Soccer and Sports… they can very well be Professional Athletes one day. What is your Passion… what is your Dream? Seek… Explore… Fulfill.

Professionally or as a Hobby, may you fulfill your passion… bringing it to SHINE and allowing it to let you GLOW in who you are.

Everything is Possible if you work hard and BELIEVE yourself…

“Live… Love… Laugh… and Be YOURSELF as you Do What you LOVE”…

Please Click Here and Be Inspiredhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40bdChDQU5M

Click here and Do What You Love: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LeJZkO1i8UM 

 – Wishing you the Best in fulfilling your Dreams, Cecilia * “Live a Life of LOVE”…  


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