“A Beautiful Day”…

Beautifully said – Appreciate Life and Good Health…

Seek to notice the Beauty in your Life and all the Blessings in your Surroundings. May you learn to see things for what they TRULY are… may you value them for all their worth and may you always make the best of all things; learning to “feel good” in all matters.

Blessings of LOVE to you All…

– Hugs, Cecilia  “Live a Life of Love”…

Click here and be Inspired by the Generous Mr. Lovewell by Mercy Me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MpUL_gMuW-E    I love this song… it reminds me of my Father in Law, Jose… he is  an Amazing person!!!! 

“Have a BEAUTIFUL DAY!!!!”


2 thoughts on ““A Beautiful Day”…

    • Hi Funna Funna (Juana – LOl) Yes it does!!!! Your Dad is an Amazing person; he has truly inspired us all. His LOVE, encouragement and support has touched all of our lives. I love your Dad ever soooooo much!!! He is a blessing and I’m sooooo happy that all his Grandkids look up to him sooooo much!!! His ways remind me sooooo much of my Mom. He has a Beautiful Heart and Soul. God Bless Don Jose!!! He definately”Lives a Life of Love.”

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