My Light …

This is Where My LOVE Comes From…

Do you stay True to Who You AreOr do you conform with who you think people want you to be? The older we get, we begin to realize how Uniquely Special we are. We all develop differently through the Experiences, Trials and Challenges we’ve each undergone in our lives. Our Characters are Molded and Shaped by Life’s Hardships and Adversities. Many of us have similarities… but we are all uniquely different because we each have a different Life Story.

My Solid Foundation is God, as I come from a family of Strong Believers. True, we do not share the same religion, but we all share the LOVE and FAITH in God. My parents planted the seed of LOVE for God in all of us at a very young age. As with many kids, teenagers and young adults, I too went through different stages of life. Learning, exploring, discovering, enjoying, seeking and finding. In the end, I came to Realize that the Strong Foundation of my Love for God, which was Instilled in me soooooo long ago is what has held me up the strongest in my life and it has now evolved to be so Solid, Strong and True.

Several times in my life, I’ve had people tell me that they see a certain LIGHT or GLOW in me that is very peaceful and comforting. One of my friends/Co-workers once told me, “Cecy, I would like to have the Light that I see in you… how can I get that?” I was very humbled, honored and touched… so I spoke to her about God an invited her to my Parish, as I do with many people. She came… and furthermore, she moved forward to make her Confirmation; I was very happy… she really touched my heart.

I was so moved by many of the things I was reading and learning in my wonderful books and by the sweet compliments of people telling me that they could see something nice within me. So moved, that I wanted to share my JOY with others so that they can feel the same JOY and find the same peace and comfort. So I began placing my feelings in writing… by creating Heartfelt emails.

My emails brought forth a wonderful outcome; they were uplifting, inspiring and comforting people at the right time. That’s the feedback I received many days. How Amazing!!!! Sooooo many people have asked me, “Cecy, where does all that LOVE you share in your Inspirational emails come from… you have a True Gift for Writing.” I am very humbled by such wonderful compliments. Perhaps I am a good writer… but the Light does not come from me just being a good writer… the Light Comes from way deep Inside my Heart. The light comes from LOVE… and the LOVE comes from my Solid Foundation… God. 

Sad as it is, I’ve noticed that hear say truly does exist amongst people when they see a person changing, evolving and staying true to her Faith. Finding such JOY also comes with losing something… in the midst of certain changes, some people begin to keep their distance. That is a fact that has been written; it’s expected. Some people may think I have changed a bit… True, I know I have, but I am still me and my change is for the greater good. The difference can solely be the simple fact that in the past, I held back from sharing and speaking about what I’m truly passionate about… My LOVE for God. I held back from sharing it because I was afraid of people looking at me different… because I sensed they would. The fact is, that friends who truly LOVE you will accept you as you are and never expect you to be any different, for their sake.

A True Friend will be Happy for us in our JOYS in Life and will Accept us and Love us as we are. So no more holding back… this is me.

There is no shame in Loving God, so there should be no shame in changing certain things in His honor… it comes natural as a person gets closer to Him… and the changes come from being True to Who YOU are in HONOR of being TRUE To Him. Otherwise, everything you’re learning about Him is in vain. If a person finds shame in changing, that’s their opinion… perhaps they need to ask themselves why they think that. I am not perfect; I never claimed to be… but I do strive to be the Best Version of Myself… I strive to “Live a Life of Love”…

So I encourage you… be WHO you Are… because those who TRULY LOVE you will Accept you as you are.

Do not change yourself for the sake of others. We all walk in different paths of life… at different times. Some may not understand you now, but perhaps in the future, when they’re walking down the path you are currently in, they will. Someday, things may make sense to everyone. Meanwhile, be JOYFUL… be HAPPY… BE YOU!!!!

Do NOT cover your SHINE. —  If you GLOW, embrace it and utilize that Glow to Encourage others by sharing the LIGHT of WHO you are with all. God is pleased when we share His LOVE with others…

Life can be Short, so decide who you want to please. Do you want to please the people of this world or do you want to please God? 

– Wishing you many Blessings of LOVE, Confidence, and Peace in feeling good about being True to Yourself…

– Hugs, Cecilia

This message will not feel complete if you do not view the attached Video; please Click on this Link to view and listen to Britt Nicole’s Song “Ready or Not”. It describes exactly how I feel and what I’ve written on this blog. Please listen to it all the way to the end. Thank you…  Ready or Not”:

I can not get over the fact that I can Identify my Life sooooooo closely with Britt Nicole’s Music… she is a Blessing!!!!! – Cecilia


4 thoughts on “My Light …

    • Awwww, thank you Funna Funna, I will… My heart longs for it daily. 🙂 I would love to write for a Magazine or be a Hallmark Card Author. My day would be soooo enjoyable!!! I would love to write a book!!!! Thank you for your encouragement and support. Love you… Hugs!!!! – Cecy

  1. OMG. I love this post!! You are very inspirational and I enjoy reading all that you send. This one is my fav since I can relate to it a bit. Glad I checked out your blog! There’s some good stuff in here! xoxo -Mimi-

    • Oooh Thank you, Mija!!! Yay, I’m sooooo glad you liked it!!! That’s one of my favorite ones too because of my personal experiences. Despite of the Worldly Pressures and Hear Say around us, it’s sooooo important to stay True to Who We Are. As I said, True Friends will Love, respect and accept us as we are… even when we change and evolve towards the wonderful goal of becoming The Best Version of Ourselves. After all, it’s for the greater good. 🙂 Be Happy… Be JOYOUS… BE YOU!!! Love you, Mimi!!!! Sending you a Big HUG!!!!! xo xo xo – Tia Cecy

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