“Always have HOPE in your Heart”…

“There is always HOPE at the END of the Tunnel”…

Do you STAND with Firm HOPE in your Heart… or do you give up easily because you think things are Impossible?

Over the years, I’ve observed that sometimes people can be a little lazy to bother with HOPE because they think it’s silly or because they think things are impossible. Regardless of the small or BIG issues in life, we should all have HOPE because HOPE leads us to the Blessings and Desires of our Hearts. HOPE does not have a price but it does require Humility… so we should learn to humble our hearts and have HOPE in the BIG and small things.

HOPE and HUMILITY open our hearts to BELIEVE that the Desires of our Hearts can TRULY come to pass.

We all have Heartfelt Wishes… things that TRULY mean A LOT to us.  So KEEP HOPE ALIVE… and never give up because through consistent Prayer, God can grant us what we sooooooo Wholeheartedly Wish for.

I believe in cleansing our Heart and Soul of our Sins before asking God to grant us the Heartfelt Desires of our Hearts. Then Above ALL… I believe that we should STAND on God’s Promise, that with Him and His LOVE All Things Are Possible. 

We will all have days when we feel like giving up; days when we just don’t know how to STAND… or days when we feel like we can not face the same daily pressures that constantly weigh us down… but please DO NOT GIVE UP. 

The Tunnel may be DARK and LONG … but after a LONG WALK… with God you CAN finally find your BLESSING.  

So hang in there… Keep HOPE strong… and have FAITH that even if it takes a long time, what you Wish and Pray for… will FINALLY become REALITY. Above All, Walk with LOVE in your Heart at all times… being Grateful for every blessing.

LOOK up and See God’s LOVE holding you… guiding you… blessing you. Keep HOPE alive in your HEART at ALL Times regardless of your current circumstances.

Then… Believe… Believe AND BELIEVE…


With all my Love, I extend My Best wishes to you all…

“Live a Life of Love”…  – Cecilia

Please watch this Video of Britt Nicole’s Song “STAND”… which reminds us to have HOPE and STAND on God’s Promise: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRAP_THjLDc&feature=kp