Happy New Year 2014…

Best Wishes of Love and many Blessings… beginning with Embracing the Value of Time. ~

As TIME has passed, I realize how important the VALUE of TIME truly is!!!!! Time is a blessing amongst many other blessings like Love, Good Health, Peace and Joy. It’s a blessing because it is one of the most important things in all of our lives. I returned to work today after two beautiful weeks of Vacation.  I must say it was sooooo hard to return after spending such a Beautiful TIME at Home with my husband and our two kids.

The Beautiful thing about our Vacation is that we did not take any trips this time… we simply did different little things every day. No planning… no rushing… no stressing!!!! We TRULY enjoyed our TIME together because it was not rushed!!!! Taking things slow, resting, lounging, eating out, eating in, visiting family, going for walks, going shopping, staying up late, sleeping in and getting on the go SPORATICALLY was AMAZING!!!!!! It gave us the feeling of freedom to ENJOY the QUALITY of TIME!!!!!! To realize TIME’S TRUE VALUE…

My kids are big on spending quality time dinners together…  just the four of us. They feel that it allows us to connect wholeheartedly with one another… without worrying of hosting others and cleaning up throughout the night. So our Vacation was filled with nice dinners at Home, as well as Dinning out. We TRULY EMBRACED our TIME together with the value of our wholehearted family fun-loving and deep conversations… but this time without the chaos of planning, rushing and being on time schedules. It was very relaxing, enjoyable and stress free!!! 🙂 We enjoyed nice dinners with our extended family and friends also, which was also of very good value.  I feel very blessed to see how much my children value and embrace our intimate wholehearted connection with one another and how special our private family quality time is to them.

It was awesome to wake up each day and say “So what’s up for today… what are we doing?” One morning we got up and went to Denny’s and then to K1 Speed Go Kart Racing… another day we did Dinner and a Movie… another day was Menudo at Grandma’s and a Movie/Family Time… then the next day breakfast at La Campana… following with the Galt Flea Market and later Poker Night… then there was going for a walk, visiting a friend and a Sporatic Date Night at BJ’s with Friends… I mean, wow!!!!! If I named everything we did, like Play Taboo and Catch Phrase, go to The Habit, or Surprise my Dad with his Security Door and our Adventure at Lowe’s because we got stranded when we didn’t fit in the van after loading the Security Door, you’d be surprised about TIME because of all the awesome things we managed to do, while never being in a rush… on a time schedule… or stressing about anything at all!!!!! It was AMAZING!!!!!!

Less can actually be More… And Simple can actually be Greater!!!!

 Time is a True Amazing Blessing!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I am adding that to my list of Best Wishes to all people from now on.  My strongest wish to ALL people has always been to Live a Life of LOVE and to be blessed with Great Health, JOY, Peace, and many blessings. And after experiencing the Amazing-ness (not sure if that’s a word, but it should be 🙂 lol) of  The True Value of TIME without planning or stress, it is TRULY something I wholeheartedly wish to all people now… to EMBRACE your TIME because it is of GRAND and Beautiful VALUE.

As we age, we learn to see Life in a different LIGHT… we begin to Strive to LIVE Life to the Fullest by TRULY Appreciating and Embracing all the Beautiful Things around us… beginning with our Relationships, our Home Life, the Value of Time and all of the blessings God has given us. All Thanks and Glory be to God…

May this New Year bring you many blessings… beginning with Love and Embracing your Time.

Live a Life of Love… create good health by eating a good diet and exercising regularly… allow JOY to fill your Spirit… enjoy the Peace that Love brings you and move forward with Strong Faith… Hope… and LOVE.

Read a book… go for a jog… stay up late… sleep in… visit friends… surprise your loved ones… play board games with the kids… take a drive… go on a Sporatic Date… have a Movie Night… spend quality time with family… give from your heart to others… and most importantly, spend time with God. Read His Word, attend Mass/Service regularly, watch the News and get educated about what is going on around you so you can always be prepared and alert… AND always remember that in All things, God should come first. He should be at the Center of your Life…

May God lead you and bless you in all things to come in 2014…

My best wishes of Love and all great blessings to all of you…

Live a Life of Love… Embrace your Time… Be Grateful in All Things…

– With much Love, Cecy …Happy New Year 2014″

Please Click on the Links below to watch and enjoy this nice song called “The Best Day,” which Taylor Swift very lovingly dedicates to her Mom and family.

May we all embrace the great values of Love and the Priceless Time spent with our Loved ones. “Live a Life of Love”…

Home Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4_6eQm7RTQ

Lyric Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IeI2eDJckL0


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