Do you strive to be a person of  Integrity?

In my opinion, we ought to be more concerned with our Integrity and Characterthan our Reputation… because our Character is what we really are, while our reputation is merely what others think we are.

Lack of Integrity is eventually noticed… despite of a person’s attempt to conceal it.  Integrity is about being honest, humble, loyal, respectful and righteous to ourselves first… and then to others.

 “Integrity is about doing the right thing… even when no one is watching.”

Lack of Integrity is to make a mistake but not be able to admit it… to twist the truth to avoid revealing ones weaknesses or flaws… to knock another person down  for ones own personal gain… to take credit for the hard work of another… to not be happy for another because it makes oneself feel inferior… to ridicule others to make oneself feel better… and to be false in Character.

In a sense, lack of Integrity is a reflection of Pride…

People who truly know us, will know us for who we are based on our Character and Integrity. People can conceal things… but only for so long. Because eventually… the Truth reveals itself.

Whether we’d like to face it or not, we live in a fast paced world where Moral Values, Principles and Integrity have gotten lost. We deal with daily situations that challenge us to wish Integrity for all because of how bad things are getting. Too much cruelty and violence is occurring around us. In my opinion, it begins with Lack of Integrity.

Lack of Integrity can hurt people even in the smallest of things.

When you face a situation where you are affected by a person who lacks Integrity, you have two choices. You can either get upset OR you can remain content with KNOWING that that person’s LACK of Integrity is SUFFICIENT for all who know her/him to figure out the TRUTH… despite of her/his attempts to CONCEAL it.   Integrity SHIELDS you because it REFLECTS your GOODNESS. Most importantly, it proves that even if someone targets to bring you down in the eyes of others, they will not succeed because others who know YOUR good Integrity will not be easily deceived by a person whom they know as a person that LACKS INTEGRITY.

The Peace of  Integrity brings  Amazing rewards…

May we strive to be people of  Integrity, who care to be True to Ourselves and to others… People who truly reflect God’s Goodness in Heart, Spirit, Mind and Soul. Be at Peace and embrace your  Integrity!!!

Walk with JOY in knowing that the TRUTH is reflected in YOU because it glows in WHO you ARE.

 “Live a Life of Love”… – Cecy

Please click on this Link to view the Video of a Song called “Hands” by Jewel… which demonstrates  Integrity…

 Here is the Lyrics version of the song…

May you let Integrity reflect in You… 🙂 


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