Hello Again!!! Happy August❤️

Happy August 2014... 🌷

Happy August 2014… 🌷

Hello Again!! I hope all is well with everyone!!! ☺️I’ve been out sometime, keeping busy with Family and Friends but I look forward to blogging more 🌷often. Happy August to you ALL!!! 🌺 I hope you’re all still Motivated by God’s 🙏 LOVE.🌷

Much of what I used to Blog about, I’ve been doing still… but in person. By God’s Grace, I’ve been blessed by being a Light⭐️ to people who need Hope, Inspiration, Motivation and LOVE. So on a daily basis, I share my thoughts, feelings, opinions, points of view and advise with those who seek me. I don’t have a specific Ministry… but I strongly feel that being an Advocate of LOVE ❤️and placing my main focus in Life on Serving My Family and God’s people with my Love and Hope, is a Beautiful Ministry in itself which could be just as valuable as most.

So I encourage you to get Motivated to Share your ❤️Love with All of God’s People. Go out and spread Smiles, Joy, Hope and LOVE. Go out and make a difference. At the end of the day, you will Sleep with a Smile in your Heart. ☺️❤️

Happy August to you ALL!!!! Much Love, Cecy “Live a Life of Love.”❤️















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