Happy New Year!!!!! ❤️


Happy New Year Everyone!!!!! ❤️ ⭐️As I reflect on what CHRISTmas means to me, I give and ALL Honor and Glory to God for Blessing us with His Son, Jesus. I am Grateful for the Humble and Loving Holy Spirit that Lives in us and for the Simplicity of Love, Gratitude, Joy, Forgiveness, Peace and Hope that God’s LOVE produces. 💙 Saying Goodbye to 2014 was very Joyous!!!! I hold much Love and appreciation to God for all my Great Moments. Every year brings us Love, Joy, Challenges, Lessons and even Trials. For me, the Beauty of seeing time pass is in enjoying the Beautiful Blessings God gives us each day… especially within His Miraculous hidden ways because it shows us how His Divinity provides Growth, Maturity and Wisdom. May 2015 be filled with much LOVE and HOPE… a Hope that will guide all people to continue walking with God strongly and with much Love. Embrace the Beauty that surrounds you and Always Strive to “Live a Life of Love!!!!” ❤️Happy New Year Dear Friends!!!! Much Love and Hugs, Cecilia ❤️🌷🙏


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