Social Media: Do you use it Positively or Negatively?


Social Media is at the Palm of our hand. So how do we choose to use it? We may not realize how truly delicate Social Media can really be. But the fact is that in one instant we can either Inspire, Build Up, Encourage, Support, Promote or Model POSITIVE messages OR we can tear down, criticize, compare, put down, discourage and deliver NEGATIVE messages. Social Media should not be Stressful, Heavy, Negative or feel like a Burden. It should be a fun and helpful outlet, which gives you the opportunity to deliver and communicate Positive vibes and messages; a wonderful way for you to share your lives with others. I encourage you all to let your Social Media Experience be an AWESOME one; one that Builds People up and Inspires… one that helps you share your Life and your Love with the World.

Be Happy… Be Joyful… Be YOU!!!

Please Click on Link Below to Hear and see Lyrics to “Everybody Wants to Love” by Ingrid Michaelson… one of my Favorite songs!!! Very positive and uplifting…

“Live a Life of Love”

– Cecy


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