❤️ “In the Eyes” of who Truly Matters…


Be NOT too concerned of what others THINK about you… because what TRULY matters is what God KNOWS about you. People will always have opinions about us, but ultimately our INTEGRITY will Reflect our TRUTH regardless of what anyone has to say. ❤️ Plain and Simple…

Keep Smiling and Being YOU because God thinks YOU are AMAZING!!!

Click here to enjoy the Video of “In the Eyes” by 1 Girl Nation…   A song that talks about being Beautiful in the Eyes of the one who made you… ❤️ God.

“Enjoy!!!! Keep Smiling and striving to Live a Life of Love”…

I was unable to find the Video with Lyrics… so I’ve attached the Lyrics below.

“In the Eyes”

You hold the picture
Though it goes unsaid
I know you question
Where you fit in
Among the faces
You hear their voices say
You are broken
So you hide away
Don’t hide away

You are treasured
You are beautiful
In the eyes, in the eyes
Of the One who made you
You are perfect
You’re worth more than you know
In the eyes, in the eyes
Of the One who made you

So you’re different
Let them say you are
Cause you’re the vision
Of the Father’s heart
In the Father’s heart

When the world has told you lies
You are priceless in His eyes


❤ Integrity…


Integrity Speaks for Itself…❤

Integrity is Important to me. ❤ Therefore, I can’t help but notice how the lack of it can tarnish innocent people. It amazes me how easily one can criticize another so intensely, but in the act if doing so, they fail to realize that what they’re doing is exposing themselves instead. The good thing is that when we know the Lack of a person’s Integrity and the High Integrity of the person being criticized, no matter how badly he/she is spoken of, people will not believe it. Thanks be to God, Integrity speaks for itself. 🙏 It’s like God Vindicates a person through their own Integrity!!!! That’s absolutely Beautiful to me!!!! It’s sad to see people constantly trying to find faults in others to make up for what they lack.

But God is Just and will always make things right. ❤️🙏 

Here’s a Little reminder to you all that “You are Worth More Than Gold.”

Please Click on this Link and view this video, as it completes the intended message:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9PjrtcHJPo

“Love Your Neighbor as Yourself… Live a Life of Love”…