❤ Integrity…


Integrity Speaks for Itself…❤

Integrity is Important to me. ❤ Therefore, I can’t help but notice how the lack of it can tarnish innocent people. It amazes me how easily one can criticize another so intensely, but in the act if doing so, they fail to realize that what they’re doing is exposing themselves instead. The good thing is that when we know the Lack of a person’s Integrity and the High Integrity of the person being criticized, no matter how badly he/she is spoken of, people will not believe it. Thanks be to God, Integrity speaks for itself. 🙏 It’s like God Vindicates a person through their own Integrity!!!! That’s absolutely Beautiful to me!!!! It’s sad to see people constantly trying to find faults in others to make up for what they lack.

But God is Just and will always make things right. ❤️🙏 

Here’s a Little reminder to you all that “You are Worth More Than Gold.”

Please Click on this Link and view this video, as it completes the intended message:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9PjrtcHJPo

“Love Your Neighbor as Yourself… Live a Life of Love”…


2 thoughts on “❤ Integrity…

  1. I like this post. It is hard to find people with integrity. In this day and age it seems people are always looking to prove they are better than someone else. Thanks.

    • Thank you V… Yes, I completely understand, which is why the lack of Integrity bothers me. The great thing is that a wise person will see the difference and hopefully make their own Perception of things, rather than listen to a person whose lack of Integrity simply exposes himself/herself. Let’s continue walking in our own path… being content in all things and tactfully speaking up for the less fortunate… especially when they can not defend themselves. Overall, God sees all things and will make things right eventually. 🙂 Smile and keep Living a Life of Love!!!! 🙂
      – Hugs, Cecy 🙂

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