❤️ Stronger…

Because of you post

🌸 A simple Truth… everything happens for a reason. Take a moment to look back and you’ll realize how much you’ve grown. Even if life drew you away from people whom you were once close to… it’s still okay. Because someday you will realize that God allowed that for a reason.

Through all things, we learn valuable lessons. Some that teach us lessons about other people. And some that teach us lessons about ourselves. All in all, through the process, we learn to discover that if it was us that fell short… at least we’ll learn what NOT do to in the future. Or if it was not us that fell short, in the future we will learn to guard ourselves from similar people or circumstances that put us in those positions.

Overall, there is a reason why things happen as they do. As for me, I choose to see it for what it is… accept it… learn from it… and continue moving forward with God as my lead. Through prayer we will know the difference.

Move forward with Confidence that God is in Control and is guiding your Life as He has planned it for you.  Blessings…Cecilia 🌷 “Live a Life of Love”… ❤

Click here to view the Video to the song “Stronger” by Mandissa:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emgv-VRtMEU