“Be Still and Stand Strong”…


♥️ I love this Beautiful Truth. Because God calls us to be still at times so that each person can seek and find Him through their troubles. For if one always goes to the rescue of others, we obstruct the opportunity for them to hear God’s voice and we interrupt their self discovery. Quietness and stillness is needed for meditation and growth because the rattling noise can rob one of so much. But through Peace and Quiet one can hear God, who calls and leads us to find our way. May everyone come to discover that God desires to have a personal relationship with each of us. And that if one is left alone and not always rescued, it is for a good reason. With a little quietness and a little passing of time, things will change and improve for the better and much needed growth will be accomplished. Peace and love to those who are struggling with something today. Do remember God’s Word: “Be Still and Know That I Am God.” – Psalm 46:10 ♥️ Today I dedicate this post to all who need comfort and peace. A Beautiful Lighthouse is a Beacon of Light that people utilize for guidance and to find their way to shore (home). Its solid structure symbolizes stability and its flashing lights that turn off and on symbolize change. ⭐There’s such Beauty and depth in a Lighthouse. May it bring you Comfort, Peace and Hope. 🙏♥️

Please click on this link to be reminded that

In this Life You Were Meant to Shine. ♥️ Be Still and Stand Strong…



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