❤️ Stronger…

Because of you post

🌸 A simple Truth… everything happens for a reason. Take a moment to look back and you’ll realize how much you’ve grown. Even if life drew you away from people whom you were once close to… it’s still okay. Because someday you will realize that God allowed that for a reason.

Through all things, we learn valuable lessons. Some that teach us lessons about other people. And some that teach us lessons about ourselves. All in all, through the process, we learn to discover that if it was us that fell short… at least we’ll learn what NOT do to in the future. Or if it was not us that fell short, in the future we will learn to guard ourselves from similar people or circumstances that put us in those positions.

Overall, there is a reason why things happen as they do. As for me, I choose to see it for what it is… accept it… learn from it… and continue moving forward with God as my lead. Through prayer we will know the difference.

Move forward with Confidence that God is in Control and is guiding your Life as He has planned it for you.  Blessings…Cecilia 🌷 “Live a Life of Love”… ❤

Click here to view the Video to the song “Stronger” by Mandissa:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emgv-VRtMEU  

Be Considerate…

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❤️Everyone faces different challenges, which can take a toll not just on the individual, but also on the people around them. Whether it’s the Unfriendly Parking Attendant, who just won’t say hello… Or the Cleaning Lady, who nags at the daily mess we make… or the withdrawn short-patience girl who sits in the cubicle next to you. But who would know that underneath their unpleasant ways lies a pile of problems and sadness? Who is to know that the Parking Attendant is having problems with two of her troubled Teens… that the Cleaning Lady has a Mentally Challenged Teenager, whom she has to take to San Francisco very often to see his Specialist… or that the Withdrawn-Short Patience girls’ parents are both elderly, abusive AND very ill and that she has to take care of them both?

Sadly, nobody knows. Nobody knows the baggage that each person carries. None the less would anyone understand that this is the reason behind their unpleasant behavior. True, everyone should leave their problems at home. Yet, it’s easier said than done. Sadly, not everyone has the Patience or Compassion to even try to be Considerate in thinking that there may be a reason why they are as they are. Not everyone stops to acknowledge people… or asks how they’re doing… or will not even say hello. If we could all take a moment to “Be Considerate” towards others perhaps we could learn to understand them… to see them with tolerance… to help them.

I encourage you all to “Be Considerate” with all whom you come across. Because we never know what challenges each person faces. Because if we did, we would try understand them and would therefore learn to be more Considerate towards them. At least through that, we may give them some comfort… some support… some HOPE.

“Be the Change you want to see in the World…   ❤️ Be a Spark of Hope for others.”

Please Click Here to listen to and watch:    ❤️  “The Lost Get Found” by Britt Nicole…

Help Find the Lost… and try to bring them back through the Spark of HOPE and LOVE that Reflect through YOU. Through your Consideration… Compassion… and LOVE.

For God truly wants His Lost Sheep back and this is a small way in which we can help.

Much Love, Cecy

“Live a Life of Love”…


Learn to NOT Sweat the Small Stuff… ❤ Just Smile and Shake it off!!!


❤ Just Smile and Shake it Off…

Learn to NOT sweat the small stuff. Be wise in knowing what is worth stressing over and what is not. It is best to overlook those little irritating things. In the end, they should make you stronger but NOT defeat you by demeaning your personality or reputation. Keep Smiling despite the little annoying things in life!!! Because life is Beautiful!!! ❤ So LIVE it JOYOUSLY!!!!!

❤  Click here to see/view the Video of “Shake it Off” by Taylor Swift…

   Happy June to you all… – Cecy

   “Live a Life of Love”

❤️ “In the Eyes” of who Truly Matters…


Be NOT too concerned of what others THINK about you… because what TRULY matters is what God KNOWS about you. People will always have opinions about us, but ultimately our INTEGRITY will Reflect our TRUTH regardless of what anyone has to say. ❤️ Plain and Simple…

Keep Smiling and Being YOU because God thinks YOU are AMAZING!!!

Click here to enjoy the Video of “In the Eyes” by 1 Girl Nation…   A song that talks about being Beautiful in the Eyes of the one who made you… ❤️ God.

“Enjoy!!!! Keep Smiling and striving to Live a Life of Love”…

I was unable to find the Video with Lyrics… so I’ve attached the Lyrics below.

“In the Eyes”

You hold the picture
Though it goes unsaid
I know you question
Where you fit in
Among the faces
You hear their voices say
You are broken
So you hide away
Don’t hide away

You are treasured
You are beautiful
In the eyes, in the eyes
Of the One who made you
You are perfect
You’re worth more than you know
In the eyes, in the eyes
Of the One who made you

So you’re different
Let them say you are
Cause you’re the vision
Of the Father’s heart
In the Father’s heart

When the world has told you lies
You are priceless in His eyes

❤ Integrity…


Integrity Speaks for Itself…❤

Integrity is Important to me. ❤ Therefore, I can’t help but notice how the lack of it can tarnish innocent people. It amazes me how easily one can criticize another so intensely, but in the act if doing so, they fail to realize that what they’re doing is exposing themselves instead. The good thing is that when we know the Lack of a person’s Integrity and the High Integrity of the person being criticized, no matter how badly he/she is spoken of, people will not believe it. Thanks be to God, Integrity speaks for itself. 🙏 It’s like God Vindicates a person through their own Integrity!!!! That’s absolutely Beautiful to me!!!! It’s sad to see people constantly trying to find faults in others to make up for what they lack.

But God is Just and will always make things right. ❤️🙏 

Here’s a Little reminder to you all that “You are Worth More Than Gold.”

Please Click on this Link and view this video, as it completes the intended message:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9PjrtcHJPo

“Love Your Neighbor as Yourself… Live a Life of Love”…

Social Media: Do you use it Positively or Negatively?


Social Media is at the Palm of our hand. So how do we choose to use it? We may not realize how truly delicate Social Media can really be. But the fact is that in one instant we can either Inspire, Build Up, Encourage, Support, Promote or Model POSITIVE messages OR we can tear down, criticize, compare, put down, discourage and deliver NEGATIVE messages. Social Media should not be Stressful, Heavy, Negative or feel like a Burden. It should be a fun and helpful outlet, which gives you the opportunity to deliver and communicate Positive vibes and messages; a wonderful way for you to share your lives with others. I encourage you all to let your Social Media Experience be an AWESOME one; one that Builds People up and Inspires… one that helps you share your Life and your Love with the World.

Be Happy… Be Joyful… Be YOU!!!

Please Click on Link Below to Hear and see Lyrics to “Everybody Wants to Love” by Ingrid Michaelson… one of my Favorite songs!!! Very positive and uplifting…

“Live a Life of Love”

– Cecy

Happy New Year!!!!! ❤️


Happy New Year Everyone!!!!! ❤️ ⭐️As I reflect on what CHRISTmas means to me, I give and ALL Honor and Glory to God for Blessing us with His Son, Jesus. I am Grateful for the Humble and Loving Holy Spirit that Lives in us and for the Simplicity of Love, Gratitude, Joy, Forgiveness, Peace and Hope that God’s LOVE produces. 💙 Saying Goodbye to 2014 was very Joyous!!!! I hold much Love and appreciation to God for all my Great Moments. Every year brings us Love, Joy, Challenges, Lessons and even Trials. For me, the Beauty of seeing time pass is in enjoying the Beautiful Blessings God gives us each day… especially within His Miraculous hidden ways because it shows us how His Divinity provides Growth, Maturity and Wisdom. May 2015 be filled with much LOVE and HOPE… a Hope that will guide all people to continue walking with God strongly and with much Love. Embrace the Beauty that surrounds you and Always Strive to “Live a Life of Love!!!!” ❤️Happy New Year Dear Friends!!!! Much Love and Hugs, Cecilia ❤️🌷🙏

Amazing Just the Way You Are… ❤

IMG_9696  Amazing Just The Way You Are...

You are Beautiful and Amazing JUST the Way YOU are!!! Forget about the pressures of Society. We are all Unique Individuals who possess different types of Beauty. The most Beautiful Traits of each person are the Simple things about us that  make us “who we are.” Those Simple things are what create the Beauty within us. Whether it’s our Simple Smile, our Confidence, our Sincerity, our Compassionate Heart or our Direct & Serious Nature, our Beauty Glows through who we are. So regardless of your size, your skin tone or your flaws Love yourself and be Happy with being YOU because YOU are Beautiful and Amazing Just The Way YOU are!!! Heavy black heart️- Cecilia ️

Please Click on this Link to View/Listen to “Just The Way You Are” By Bruno Mars…



Joy… ❤


Joy of the Heart is Incredibly Amazing!!!❤️ This past Saturday I enjoyed my Parish Festival with my good friend Monica. After she left, I stayed by myself in a big area full of people. I didn’t want to rush my daughter because she was having a great time with her friends. So there I was… sitting by myself. The Band was playing Awesome Music and Happy-Cheerful people were all around me… all having a great time. I was by myself BUT I did NOT feel alone. My Soul was soooo  JOYOUS!!! I sat there watching the couple in front of me enjoy the night, watching kids laughing and eating, texting my little Sister Vicky, bopping my head to the awesome music and making Picture Collages. I was simply enjoying Life!!! With soooo much JOY!!! All myself BUT NOT alone!!!! It was Truly Beautiful!!! At the end of the night my daughter felt bad that I was alone for so long but the Beauty is that I had such an Amazing Time being by myself BUT NOT alone.

All in all, God Lives in my Heart and it is He that fills it with JOY and all else follows. God is Divine!!!!❤️🙏

“Live a Life of Love” ❤ – Cecilia